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It’s been three years since self-proclaimed medium Charmaine Wilson has been in Mildura. Caitlyn Morgan chats to Charmaine about what is bringing her back next month and what her audience can expect.

BY the age of 23, Charmaine Wilson had already endured enormous tragedy with death of her brother and her four year old daughter.

It wasn’t until the death of her father years later that her gift “to re-unite those who have crossed over to those still in life” came to the forefront.

In 2002 she began working with clients and in 2005 she was recognised by The Australian Psychics Association as Australian Psychic of the Year.

Three years later the self-proclaimed medium became a household name after winning the first series of Seven Network’s show The One, a nationwide search for Australia’s most gifted psychic. The following year she was awarded Queensland Psychic of the Year.

Charmaine has previously visited Sunraysia numerous times, sharing her gift with hundreds at her shows and it was the “nagging” of those who have seen her before that is bringing her back to town next month.

“People from Mildura have just been nagging me to death, I get so many people sending me emails and messages asking for when I am coming back,” she says.

“It’s been three years so I am coming back and looking forward to my first show at the Mildura Arts Centre.”

For those who have seen Charmaine’s shows before, they will know that she aims to connect with between 15 to 20 people each time and will read from anywhere within the audience.

“When it’s not allocated, everyone dives down to the front but I read all over the place, if they want me they will get me there, even if they are in the back row,” she says.

“For me it’s going to be a lot better (to have the show at the Mildura Arts Centre) because previously we had the problem of selling out and then trying to find extra seats, in a theatre we know we won’t have to scrabble for extra chairs.

“I prefer to work in theatres, from a medium perspective, everyone is set out and I get a full access view to everybody. Sometimes when it’s a seated audience, you lose that full access.”

For more than a decade, Charmaine has travelled Australia sharing her gift, with the hope of bringing peace to others.

“The main reason I come out is to let people know spirit is around and give them peace,” she says.

“You can see how much peace it gives people, even from someone who receives just a five minute reading, it can change someone’s life for the better.

“If I am able to provide people little five minute readings all over the country and change a lot of people’s lives then I will continue to do so, for as long as I can.

“I love what I do and I know other people love what I do.”

Charmaine describes her shows as similar to a box of chocolates, “you just never know what you are going to get”.

“I know what I am going to say when I walk on stage and what I am going to say at the end of the reading but I have no idea what is going to happen in the middle, it’s a surprise for me too,” she says.

“It takes a lot out of me, it’s such an emotional whirl pool, one minute you are laughing, the next everyone is crying and then a moment later they are annoyed about something that has happened, everyone is all over the shop, it is very emotional.

“It’s even more emotional in those smaller towns, as a lot of people have knowledge of what has gone on in town and the beauty of that is in a lot of the cases, even if they don’t get a reading, they may know someone who did and they will know how accurate it is for them.”

While Charmaine has reduced her number of shows in the past few years from between 70 to 90 , down to 30, she says it has given her the time to spread her message through social media and to release her newest book; The Healing Art of Spirit.

“It’s everything I wanted to know when I first lost my brother and then my daughter,” Charmaine says.

“It’s all the questions I had; How do I know they are around? Why did it have to happen and how do I deal with this grief? What is good and what is bad?”

Charmaine’s book will be available to buy and for her to sign after her show on Sunday, September 8, at 2pm.

“I encourage people to come in with an open mind, remember all the spirits they have, not just the ones they want to connect with and sometimes people like to bring along an item that belonged to that person and before the show start talking to the people and tell them I am coming,” Charmaine says.

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